"It's all about relationships" 

In 1972, The Hahn family headed by Don Hahn planted vineyards in the Anderson Valley. Once called Misty Hills, it was always a dream of Don's to do more with his farming. 

In 2011, Mr Hahn's son, James Hahn, along with his wife Mila Chaname, made this dream come true by creating Chanamé Wines.

From the rolling hills of Anderson Valley to the world-class Sonoma Valley. Working with well known local farmers, Phil CoturriUlisses Valdez, and childhood friend Norman Kobler; we are able to select some of the most amazing fruit available. 

Most recently we struck up a new relationship with Richard and Susan Idell. We were looking for some amazing higher acid Chardonnay that we thought would fit well with our label. As with many things we do, it quite literally fell into to our lap! The day before harvest we found this premium vineyard that had higher than average yields so we struck a deal and got the fruit. We are really looking forward to working with this fruit and the folks that grow it. Steve Mathiasson is the farmer, and he made everything really easy on us. Being last minute that really says something. I think some of the best people I have ever met are in the wine business, it must have something to with working so close to mother nature. Stay tuned, our goal is to make a delicious, clean, crisp Chardonnay and represent the Sonoma Valley as best we can.